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25 December 2010 @ 06:20 pm
Hexagon II Quiz Parade - 180810 + 201010  
It's been a while since I did something on Hexagon. XD This time I'll do something different. Rather than doing a summary of the show, I'll just do parts of the show that are amusing (...to me LOL).

This show was aired on the 18th August 2010 and this is the filling in the blanks game. The topic is Politics. The O-Baka guys and gals complained about having a lot of difficult kanjis in them. XD

However Satoda Mai, who was not in the game, but was just watching from the sidelines got them all correct. ;D And of course, Shimada Shinsuke teased her, "Mai-chan, recently you've been having a relationship with an intelligent person, aren't you?"

Which Mai-chan denies. XD

Shintaro's first answer is 'dankon kokkai', which doesn't make any sense. He tries to explain what he meant and they realise that he's trying to say 'dankai sedai' (i.e. baby boom).

Even in the second question as he justifies his answer, he's still saying 'dankon sedai', Nakamura announcer corrects him. XD

A teacher came and lectures them about politics.

Although the cheeky boys of the Hexagon family decides to do something else, while Suzanne looks on...

It turns out that Kamiji and Shintaro were doodling the sensei's face while he teaches them.

Shinsuke, "FOCUS!!!!!"

Although Shinsuke puts most of the blame on poor Shin-chan, we also see that Kamiji's in on the game too. XD The sensei wasn't so angry, he actually wanted to take them home as a souvenir.

Funny episode.

The next episode that I want to talk about was the one that aired on the 20th October 2010. Still continuing with the Middle/High School arc. Invited guests this time are girls from Kumamoto High School.

Although a co-ed school, they only brought the girls. I thought these girls are amusing, they don't try to show off too much (except for one of the girls...), but that's only one girl. XD

During the Understanding the Brain segment (i.e. fill-in-the-blanks), the topic was Economics.

Shintaro murmurs to misono that he had confidence in his answers this time. Of course, most of the time it doesn't turn out that he's got everything correct. In fact, he only got 1 out of 3 right.

After that, the teacher lectures them a bit about economics.

Sensei: "Which country does this flag come from?"

Shintaro: "Greece."

Sensei: "Whoa, how'd you know?"

Shintaro: "You know, sensei, when I was in kindergarten, I was..."

Sensei: "A Greek?"

Shintaro: "Uh, n... n- yeah..."

Tsuruno: "Why in the world are you lying?"

Lol! So funny.

Shintaro's "Gacho~n" as his apology for his mess up in the jump rope game. When I first saw him with blond hair on his blog, I was startled, but it doesn't look too bad on him on TV. XD

When it was time for the Relay Quiz, this girl answered first before any of the smarter Hexagon members could (i.e. Yamane and Watanabe).

I don't know how to read her name... Noriko? Tomoko? Rinko? o_o

Watanabe looking surprised and Shouji at the back, "ARE YOU FOR REAL~?"

Camera shifts to Yamane looking impressed and Tsuruno looking wary.

Then Watanabe stops her and says, "Wait a minute, you learned that at school?"

Girl: "Yup."

Then her friends went, "No we didn't."

But she insists that they did learn it at school. XD

For some weird reason, she reminds me of Niigaki Risa when she laughs. It's cute. XD

Shinsuke: "How do you read this?"

Girl: "It's Nayu."

Shinsuke: "Such a rare name."

I dunno why, but this Nayu girl reminds me of someone. Like a cross between a young Tsuji Nozomi and Fujimoto Miki. Lol. But anyways, whatever. XD

Shinsuke's famous technique to "sabotage" people, lol. He asks her who she wants to meet. She picks Kinoshita Yukina.

And Yukina gives her a hug.

But in the end the Kumamoto High School girls won. XD

And Yamane had to go to their school to apologize and clean up the school a bit.

The Nayu girl, "Is that you Yamane-san?"

Yamane: "Yes."

Nayu: "Ehhh? How come it's not Tsuruno-san?"

Yamane: "Can't be helped~"

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