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04 April 2011 @ 07:01 pm
The Jungle Walk  
This is a creative story that I did when I was in lower Form 6.


The Jungle Walk

I woke up and rubbed my face with the palm of my hands. It took me a while to notice the different environment I was in. A musty area; a wooden house, derelict, old and battered. Crates were on either side of me and light poured through the windows.

I walked out of the house and found myself stunned. I stood in the middle of the greenery. To my front, left, back, right: all green.

"Where am I?" I asked myself.

The place I was in was damp, but warm. I walked along the path in front that was obviously set for me. It was long and winding as it snaked into the trees in front, fading into the shrouded darkness.

As I walked, the humid, stuffy weather got the best of me as I started to sweat and my clothes were drenched, sticking to my back. The strands of my hair also stuck to my face. I wiped them away from my eyes and sighed in frustration. Just then, I saw a bug. The bug on the back of my palm. It was big and gigantic. I guess it was some kind of beetle, it had yellow and black stripes and something that looked like curved antlers. What amazed me was that I did not know how it got there in the first place without me realizing it. Believe me, it was huge. It would have been beautiful, if it had not been on me. So I screamed.

The sound of my own voice sounded trapped inside the deep jungle. The trees, the bushes, everything drowned my voice. I brushed the beetle off my hand and it landed on top of my show. I shook it away and had half a mind to step on it. But I didn't. The once quiet jungle was now filled with sounds I never knew it could make. The cries I had made earlier might have triggered the insane volume of all the creatures hidden in the trees; birds screeching, monkeys chattering, leaves rustling.

I glanced around me at the solid wall of green in every direction. The air was steaming with humidity and the smells of overly sweet flowers and tropical rot overwhelmed me.

Then I spotted a tree where the top had been broken. I started walking again. The jungle quieted a little but there were still some fairly crazy screeching from up in the tall trees. The jungle animals sounded annoyed, probably because I had screamed like a little baby earlier. I scowled.

I looked down and to my surprise, the ground surface was not green. It was filled and covered with dead brown leaves that did not make crunching noises when stepped on. Vines, leaves, ferns slapped my damp face as I pressed on. Suddenly, I came to a clearing. A hole in the canopy gave way to bright sunlight, shining down through the gap and it was as if every species of plant life you could imaging were crowding into that one sunny spot. I found myself facing an incredible wall of vegetation: a dozen type of beautiful brilliant flowers, mosses and lichen so green, they looked like mini-broccolis. There were small vines wrapped around bigger vines wrapped around tree trunks.

It was the greenest place on Earth. It was as though I was buried alive in green. The jungle pressure started to press on me. At that moment, I started to feel scared. How did I end up in this bizarre jungle?


Do you know why reading this makes me sad?
The fact that I don't think I can write as vividly and creatively now compared to back then.
I miss my youth. :S
I miss being a student.

I will write a proper entry soon...
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