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24 October 2011 @ 11:12 am
Story writing  
Write a story which includes the following sentence:
They all looked at me and burst out laughing.

It was going to be a long, dreadful night. There was a massive thunderstorm, the rain poured heavily hitting the roof of our house like beating tribal drums. The sound pounded in my head. Lightnings struck a plenty, illuminating my dimly lit bedroom with white light. What followed after that was a booming thunder that rattled my bedroom window, I could feel the roof vibrating by the noise.

I half expected the roof to rip away and expose the inhabitants to the raining heavens. Instead, everything went pitch black as the loud whip-cracking sound lashed outside.

I cursed to myself, "Freaking blackout."

The clock beside me glowed, showing its blue digital numbers at me; 8:00pm. I felt around my bed for my cellphone and used the backlight as a torch. I gingerly stepped out of my bed and carefully went to my parents' bedroom.

"Mom?" I called out.

"Here," her voice came from the corner of the bedroom.

I shone the light towards her direction and saw an unclear outline of my mother.

"Where are the candles?" I asked, though I did not need to because as soon as the words escaped from my mouth, I knew where they were.

"On the dresser," she answered, she sounded preoccupied

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"Folding the laundry."

"In the dark?" I asked incredulously.

"I have skills."

I laughed. You had to hand it to her. For a sixty-year old mother, she was funny. I took the candle on the dresser and lit it up. The candle kindled, the flame irradiated the room by a fraction, causing the place to cast scary shadows, but at least I could see where I was going.

It was nearly midnight and by then, I was already drenched with sweat. The paper fan that I made an hour ago was scrunched up in a ball, out of frustration for not having the electricity back on. I was sleepy, but I could not sleep with this overbearing heat. Just then, I had a crazy idea and I went to the room where we iron our clothes. It was like a room dedicated to clothes; like a walk-in closet. Most of the clothes were hung neatly in rows, the ones that were not ironed were strewn on the floor. My pile was in the corner and Ieapt into it. The clothes were cool against my face and I knew that it was very inappropriate for me to do such a behaviour with freshly washed unpressed clothes, but I was desperate. If my mother found out, she would reprimand me and definitely chew my ear off.

I wallowed in my own clothes, happily making myself comfortable among them.

Suddenly, everything around me was bright again and I could see clearly as soon as the lights switched back on. I heard the whirring start of the airconditioner. I gave a loud sigh of relief, there was no point in hanging in the room any longer. I went outside the room and saw my family looking just as pleased now that there was electricity. As soon as I stepped out, they all looked at me and burst out laughing. I took a step back and I knew my face was distorted with confusion.

"Just look at yourself!" said my sister in between her laughs.

I ran to my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

Sure enough, I looked ridiculous. I could not help but laugh as well. Staring back at me was a girl, dark brown eyes, cheeks damp and red from embarrassment, wrapped nicely around my head was a piece of pink, Hello Kitty underwear, my hair a mess, sticking out from where the holes of the underwear to the legs were. Apparently, it clung onto me while I was busy cooling myself in my own pile of clothes. Underwear hat.
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